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Bespoke 308 Winchester Accuracy International


Now available at Ythan Field Sport Supply:

Bespoke 308 Winchester Accuracy International AXICS Chassis custom built Rifle from Remington 700 action.

Totally adjustable LOP and Height with folding butt capability, full Custom Rifle in 308 built by Mike Norris of Brock and Norris, Shropshire.

Offers in the region of £5,000.00 ONO

Specification are as follows: –

  • Remington 700 bolt assembly
  • Schultz and Larsen Venom moderator threaded to 18 x1. included in overall sale if on firearm certificate.
  • Finely tuned trigger, to my requirements, a clean trigger release.
  • Remington receiver truing includes re-cutting of action threads along the centre line of the action.
  • Re-cutting the bolt lug recesses, square action face perpendicular to the centre line.
  • Lap in bolt lugs, true bolt face and nose perpendicular to the centre line.(factory recoil lug replaced with 0,25-inch-thick custom-made recoil lug, double surface ground 100 5 parallel)
  • Tactical Bolt Handle
  • Threaded for Schultz and Larsen Venom  moderator.
  • Custom built Sassen match grade barrel 25’’ 1-10 twist.
  • 25MOA Rail
  • Tier one scope mount with levelling bubble
  • Schmidt and Bender 3-12 x 50 PM II P/MTC rifle scope with P4L Fine graticule and 1cm/100m – 01 MRAD.
  • 308 Bolt carrier cover.
  • Harris Bipod.
  • 5 Round Accuracy International Magazine fits all bullet weights 215, 250 & 300g ammunition.
  • Elornis Biathlon sling.
  • Peli bespoke rifle travel case.
  • All component parts have been ceracoted in dark green by Tactical Coatings in Hereford to an exceedingly high standard.
  • Only fired 40 rounds in total.
  • Ballistic calculations for precision bullet match with homemade ammunition.

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