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Updated Award Winning CZ 457 and the NEW 600 Series available from YFSS


The updated and award winning CZ 457 SERIES is now available from Ythan Field Sport Supply , including the NEW CZ 600 Centrefire Series– Please contact us for details.

cz 600 series
For over 70 years, CZ has been the world leader in the development and manufacture of long guns using rimfire cartridges. Each and every one of their models was the best on the market at the time, however, none have brought such an enormous leap forward for the end user as the  CZ 457 family.


Designed from the ground up to fulfil the hopes and dreams of the modern shooter, the CZ 600 is rifle like no other. Built around a highly modular concept that encompasses reliability, durability and functionality, this rifle is set to redefine
what a great rifle, can and should be!


PLEASE NOTE: RRP is subject to change. Due to circumstances beyond our control.

View a small selection of the rifles here.

CZ have been manufacturing firearms for over 80 years and boast an impressive range of rimfire & centrefire hunting rifles, sport & competition firearms and an expansive military and law enforcement range. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, CZ produces an average of 1577 firearms a day to meet an ever-growing global demand for premium quality firearms at an affordable price.

Main features of the CZ 457 series:

The CZ 457 series offers exceptional user comfort due to the easy, fast and reliable bolt even with the riflescope attached.
To ensure maximum safety, there is a positive safety on the right side of the receiver, a striker status indicator and a separate bolt extractor control.
The accuracy has considerably improved with the use of a new adjustable trigger mechanism with a low trigger pull weight and excellent travel, a noticeably lighter striker and a new type of bedding. A literally revolutionary innovation is the extremely durable anti-corrosion surface finish of the metal parts this technology currently has no equal on the market.

The CZ 600 Series has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of the modern shooter.

Main features of the CZ600 Series:

Unlike many rifles in its class the CZ 600 is a truly modular rifle that allows users to change calibre and barrel profile with ease. The basis for this process is a durable aluminium receiver that in certain models incorporates picatinny mounting as standard. Moving forward from the receiver, shooters are treated to a threaded cold hammer forged barrel, fitted with a short rotation bolt and a fully adjustable trigger. Housing the mechanicals are a selection of stocks designed to meet the
various needs and disciplines associated with contemporary rifle shooting

cz600 details

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