Gun Dog Training

Also available is Gun Dog training through our friends at Meadowbank Gun Dogs.

“At Meadowbank Gun Dogs we offer one to one tuition and group training classes to help handlers obtain the very best from their pupils, we can guide you through puppy training and basic obedience and on to preparing your young dog for an introduction to the shooting field. Our aim is to help you achieve the highest standard of gun dog work and for your finished dog be a credit to both yourself and your shoot. This year we at Meadowbank gun dogs are delighted to offer our training classes in the beautiful grounds of House of Schivas sporting estate at Ythanbank near Ellon.”

The 8 Week Programme by Meadowbank Gundog Training.

The 2019 Programme starts Wednesday 21st 2019 at 19:00 (7pm)

  1. Hand Training:
    Sit, stay, recall, heel work.
  2. Retrieving:
    Steadiness to thrown dummies.
  3. Water work:
    Introducing your dog to water.
    Retrieving from water.
  4. Introducing your dog to shot:
    The right and wrong way of getting your dog confident will loud bangs.
  5. Advanced Retrieving:
    Direction work.
    Blind retrieves.
    Multiple retrieves.
  6. Steadiness:
    Sit to shot.
    Sit to flush.
  7. Hunting:
    Using the wind.
  8. Introduction to Game:
    Familiarising your dog to carrying game.
    Retrieving cold and warm game.
    First shoot day.

The first part of each session will cover the set programme then we will go on to answer handlers questions and help individual handlers with their dog at their own stage of training.

Meadowbank Gun dog Training Classes.
We aim for 10 handlers per class but we may be able to squeeze in a few more.

£100 for the 8 weeks,
1 to 1 training at £20 per lesson.
£25 for visit to handlers home

Meadowbank Gun Dog Training at House of Schivas:

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